About GEEK Japan

About GEEK Japan

GEEK Japan is a website that conveys the appeal of Japan from a “GEEK” = “Otaku” perspective.

GEEK writers scattered around the country will tell you what you actually experienced in your own words, using photos you took yourself.

Primary information site

The articles and photos published on GEEK Japan are completely original articles that the writer actually took and wrote.

We only post fresh primary information, but the information will become outdated as time goes by.

When you go to a store that publishes articles, please check the information of the store by yourself once again.

If you have any new information such as “This store is already closed,” I would be very grateful if you could let me know.

About using photos

GEEK writers are very good at photography.
He has posted wonderful photos of goosebumps.

Some of you may think that you want to use such a wonderful photo!

Unauthorized diversion is prohibited, but if you put credit, you can cite it to other sites.

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When using, please do not forget to mention the above credit.